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Localisation and translation

We can offer support for localising your communications to the country, region, industry, commercial business sector or target audience.

Many countries use English as their official language, including Canada, Ireland, the United States, United Kindgom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and English is widely used as a means of communications in countries such as India, Malaysia and Israel. However, there are a wide variety of dialects, colloquialisms and ways of speaking and communicating that are peculiar to a country or region. This means that information produced in one region may need to be reviewed and rewritten for consumption in another region.

We can provide support for localisation and translation of your documentation or communication projects.


  • Secure and confidential treatment of your copyright material
  • We partner with a major global provider of translation services
  • We will project manage the entire translation on your behalf, coordinating with our approved supplier
  • We can arrange for review and assessment of the final translation, to ensure that it is fit for purpose and to a high level of quality

We also provide localisation of English language content for US, UK, Canada and other English-speaking markets.


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